By. Ran

I am not the woman you used to know. I no longer go out if the way to please others. I no longer put the effort into people who do not bother to ask me how I am doing. I no longer put the effort into people who do not do the same for me.

I used to be the person who got excited when someone did something small for me when someone did a gesture of appreciation when someone showed me a little amount of love.

But I am not her anymore. I have grown since the last time we met. I have matured. I have made myself understand.

Back then, I was naïve and innocent. I trusted you with all of my heart.  I believed in people and the hidden good in them. I thought them to be better than they were, even when all they did was to give me pain and suffering.

Now I have learned my lessons. It took me years and years of being lied to, being manipulated and being cheated on. I had to be hurt so many times to understand that I am the person responsible for my own heartaches. It took me very long to make myself see that I got hurt only because I allowed them to hurt me, to treat me that way.

And everything I went through shaped me to be the one I am today. I am this confident and strong woman only because of what I went through.  Today I believe in myself and my abilities.

I stopped being a pushover. I do not allow myself to be taken advantage of. I do not allow someone to feel that they can come and go whenever they please. No, I do not let people take advantage of my good nature. I no longer lower my standards, my self-worth, and my expectations no matter how much I care for them, no matter how much I like them.

I do not answer someone’s call at the second ring if they took one week to reply to the text I sent them. I do not try to make people happy if they do not do the same for me.

My feelings are important.  And above all, I am important. Finally, I have reached a point where I can willingly cut off all the unhealthy and toxic people. You can call me a bitch. I do not care. I know my worth and I appreciate myself.

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