“Right beneath the numerous sufferings in life lies the precious gift called success.”
― Auliq-Ice

Love is something awfully painful because when we give our whole heart to someone and we find out that this person cannot give we even part of his.

The truth is that we always lost in love and we do not notice the warning signs of disaster. After all, we may have shattered into uncountable pieces when it all falls apart.

Mostly, this happens to good people for the sake of true love. we make the mistake by selecting the wrong person which is not a good fit for us.

In life, we have to learn many lessons, out of them certain lessons are remembered forever because they are very painful. Mostly the lessons which can be related to painful true love.

Sometimes, these mistakes are not really mistaken because we can always learn something out of it and it provides fortunate things which can make things right.

That is how it works because if we learn something from a toxic relationship, we cannot call it a mistake. It is the natural course of things which is happening around us.

It is the way we learn to distinguish right from wrong. We have gone through so many struggles, trying our hardest to make wrong things from the right. Therefore, we are aware of the difference when it is really right.

Things would never be easy when we have struggled a lot, it takes so much time and takes all of the energy to become normal again.

It is a hard decision that we need to take because it absolutely protects us being destroyed from someone. Ultimately, it makes us strong.

It will certainly make us strong. But never forget that it takes a lot of courage to understand that we have to leave someone who we love unconditionally just to make our selves better.

It is our decision to heal our selves because there is someone who is waiting for us to see our best.

At some point or another, we realize that why we went through all these struggles and why we have put ourselves in hard situations just to make someone happy who doesn’t even see our worth. so after all, we can spend our time relaxing, reassuring and drama free with the MR, Right.

We all have to go through rough patches in life with wrong people, but it can benefit us from the support we get from the real people we meet in life. However, it is our choice to make, either we can stick with wrong people or we can choose real people to make our life beautiful.

“Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift. And eventually, we find that lessons learned from that discouraging experience prove to be of great worth.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich

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