By. Supuni

It is a known fact that dogs can find their way home and this story is all the proof you need. Rajah is a naughty little pup who ran away from her home. The reason for this was fireworks in the Greenville area in South Carolina. This intelligent pup somehow found her way back home and returned after a few hours at 3.a.m. in the morning. Rajah looked rather dirty, but she was very keen on seeing her family again. The astonishing part is that the pup actually rang the doorbell to get inside the house. Fortunately, this whole incident was captured on camera.

Mary Lynn is Rajah’s owner. She was with her other dog in the backyard when their neighbor began shooting off fireworks. Mary knew that Rajah would get scared, but by the time she went to look for Rajah she was already gone. She then enlisted help from others in her neighborhood to look for the missing pup and even posted on Facebook with hopes of finding Rajah.

After her husband came home, Mary went on a drive with him to look for the pup. They were about the call the local shelters in the area when Rajah showed up at their door and rang the doorbell.

She rang the bell at 3.a.m. and was rather enthusiastic to be back home. The video from the doorbell camera shows her jumping about and sticking her face into the camera. When Mary’s husband saw Rajah on the porch, he quickly ran outside and got her. The doggo was sad and sulking because she thought that she was in deep trouble. But Mary and Ryan were overjoyed at her return and they found the whole incident to be rather hilarious.

They have no idea as to where Rajah went or what she did during her time away, but from the looks of it she had enjoyed herself. The thorns on her body and the poop she seemed to have rolled on were undeniably evidence of a great adventure.

Let’s remember that many pets can be scared of the fireworks so lets be careful about them.

Image Credit & More Info; youtube | facebook