By. Anuradha

Fatherhood is really adorable. Coming home to see the smiles of your kids is such a grateful feeling and they become your whole world even without your knowledge. Since the day they came into the world, both you and your wife will do everything for their sake and you will do anything to make a better future for them. You will try your best to create them a future that you couldn’t even imagine in your young days and watch them growing up happily would be the biggest happiness of your life.

So, scroll down to see some heartiest moments of fatherly love and don’t forget to share your own experiences with your father! We are their whole world and they are our world too!

Even though you might not be a parent, you would know this feeling as you have enjoyed the love of your parents as a kid. Just think about what your mom or dad did for you! you will also try to do the same for your kid one day and maybe more!

#1. He took his daughter to graduation. Eighteen years later he proudly accompanied her at her graduation! (beaverkc / reddit

#2. Children always come first under any circumstances. (unknown / reddit)

#3. Dad and son having a nice time together, 30 years apart! (Heifdogg / reddit)

#4. “At the last minute, my wedding photographer suggested that I do first look at photographs with my father. I think his reaction shows how lucky I am to have him as my dad” (ladyname / reddit

#5. “My brother was the first to graduate with a Master’s in my family. My father couldn’t stop crying” (Jay_no_pho / reddit)

#6. A school asked on Facebook for 50 volunteers fathers for an event, so students who did not have a father or whose fathers couldn’t make it, would still enjoy it. 600 fathers from all backgrounds showed up.

#7. Father and daughter, growing up together. (Fishmike52 / reddit)

#8. He tattooed it because his daughter passed away and it was the last thing she gave him before the accident. (Gar1986 / reddit)

#9. “My significant other holding our identical twin girls, born prematurely at thirty weeks, together for the first time” (kjhumpal / reddit)

#10. He keeps the sun out of her eyes. (HaiScore / reddit)

#11. Father helps his little girl to spin a hula hoop. Look how proud she is! (fujiesque / reddit)

#12. Her school found out she was undocumented and her scholarship and in-state tuition were taken away. Her father supported her all these years and she finally graduated.

#13.  Father and daughter are dressed up to watch a Cinderella movie. (linkinstreet / imgur)

 #14. “My father passed out taking care of my sick brother all night” (berat235 / reddit)

#15. A father will always be creative to protect his children. (Not2Handsome / reddit)

#16. “My friend has a lot of daughters. That’s what his Halloween looks like” (unknown / imgur)

#17. “So my father made sure my Reese’s wouldn’t melt” (Blackrew / imgur)

#18. A dad and his son dressed in the same style. (nguyenphandoanh / instagram)

#19. This dad is taking her daughter to a fun run. (GJokaero / reddit)

#20. “Went to a daddy-daughter dance and our previous year’s image was used as the showcase photographs.  My daughter felt like a superstar” (JClanton / reddit)

#21. “My father volunteering as Batman bringing joy to children fighting cancer at a children’s hospital” (atrumpdump / reddit)

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