By: Anuradha

Integrity is one of the most important qualities a person should have. Some believe it to be doing the right thing and there are some who believe integrity as doing the right thing even when there is no one to observe. However, people with true integrity are doing the right thing not to show off or to win the attraction of others they do the right thing because it is the best thing that should be done. They are not reluctant even to help an enemy and even though some people refer to this as a weakness of their character, this is actually a sign of a strong personality.

True integrity is doing the best and the right thing for the betterment of the society. So, the more we have people with true integrity around us, the happier and successful we can be. So, see whether you have the qualities mentioned below which are the character traits of a real person with integrity.

1. They are authentic

This means that these people are ‘real’. They live the life that they want and they never try to show off or pretend in their life. You will find them to be really humble and easy to deal with.

2. They know that other people’s time has value

You may have come across with people who are always late and never do anything on time. When there are people who never stick to timeline, it does not affect only them but also for the efficiency of others. One good quality of people with true integrity is that they always try to complete things in time because they know that other people’s time has value too.

3. They give credit to other people

These people never try to win a place in society by using other’s fame. When they notice something good in others they will give them the compliment and they never try to judge others as they know that no one is perfect.

4. They are humble

People with true integrity are really humble. They never show airs just because they are doing better than others and they are always ready to accept their mistakes because they always try to do the right things.

5. They apologize

There are people who never admit their errors because they think that it is not good for their name. But these people always apologize because they know that doing mistakes is a common thing and admitting your mistakes is the most important thing.

6. They know when someone is wrong

These people easily forgive others because they don’t like to have enemies and they like to see people being happy around them. Even when they are hurt, they will think the good qualities in that person and will try to forgive them.

7. They give the benefit of the doubt

Something that we all should remember is that we should never take a person with integrity for granted. They will give others the advantage of the doubt but it is only until you prove them to be wrong. They need people to believe in them and they get hurt when others don’t.

8. They take people’s words

These people easily believe others because they themselves are not liars and they hope for others to be so as well. You don’t need to use several high vocabularies to convince them because they trust you as long as you prove them to be wrong.

9. They volunteer for a good cause

These people are good volunteers too because they love to engage in works which benefit the society and the people around them. They try always to do good things for society as well as for the people around them.

10. They don’t need to argue when they disagree

These people are well aware of the differences between arguing and disagreeing and they don’t usually make people feel bad by engaging in any of these. They simply express their views and call it a day because they know that everyone should have some time to think things over and they don’t want to pressurize others by their views.

11. They will never take advantage of you

No matter how many friends we have, we all know that not all of them are there with us to make us feel good. There are people who stay in our lives for their benefit but the best thing about people with integrity is that they never make a friendship with others to take advantage of them.

12. They are honest

They know that lying is not a good thing to do in order to fix things. No matter how painful it is, we all should try to accept the truth and therefore, these people are honest in most situations. They will never try to protect themselves.

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