One of the peculiarities of the internet age is the way in which certain home recordings can unexpectedly become sensations all over the world. It is referred to as “going viral” in the dialect of the internet. This week’s examples of that genre include a funny clip that shows house cats and other animals from the neighbourhood gathering on a porch in the distant town of Unalaska, which is located in the Aleutian Islands.

When Pam Aus heard a bald eagle squawking outside of her house last week, she recognised that it was the perfect moment to take out her video camera and record the bird’s behaviour.

Image Credit & More Info; ourPrime/Youtube

She says, “Okay, I keep hearing these calls for me,” in the video that can be found on YouTube. “I open my door and, oh, Mr. Eagle keeps calling me.”

On her porch, Mr. Eagle was not the only person who was present. Within a short period of time, a fox and her two house cats, identified as Gizmo and Suitcase, had collected together for their close encounter. Aus went back inside, recorded approximately one minute of film, and then uploaded the video to her YouTube site, just as she has been doing for the first four years of her channel’s existence.

Eagles and foxes are very frequent in Alaska, yet it is unusual to see them hanging around together. Eagles and foxes are often seen together. Even less frequently, they are observed standing next to animals that are outside the entrance of the house.

The lady was not more than a metre away from a bald eagle, and a wild fox was sitting below him, staring at her and listening closely to what she had to say. Neither of the two appeared to be concerned by the presence of the stranger. Gizmo, her outgoing and sociable cat, was sitting opposite them in the middle of the room. When Pam pointed the camera towards Suitcase, the second house cat, who was travelling through the snow with the intention of entering the house, the fox appeared to be interested in moving inside the house as well.

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