By. Anuradha

Nature can be quite amazing at times. There are millions and trillions of things that we cannot see from our eyes and even the things that you have seen might give you shocks at times. However, certain things can take a new form, when humans use their brains on them and we found such a thing that will make you amazed!

Farmers from Shikoku island in Japan are producing a square form of watermelons and you might have seen them in supermarkets. They were invented by graphic designer Tomoyuki Ono in 1978. These square watermelons are grown into the shape of a cube and ultimately, you will not get the usual round fruit but a one that looks like a cube! These are really beautiful but can be expensive. Prices can even be as high as $100.

These farmers have their own technology to produce these fruits. These melons are grown in boxes and when they fit into the container, the fruit is plucked. They cost anywhere from two to three times a normal watermelon cost and they need special attention and care.

Most of the times, these are produced basically for ornamental purposes and many people will not go for something like this for regular consumption. Nevertheless, these are super cute and you might feel like tasting something like this over around one.

Now, they have even introduced new shapes like pyramids and hearts and are available in many countries including Germany. So, these watermelons would be the ideal gift for all your friends who love watermelons and they will surely give a new look to your dining table too! So, watch the video below to know more details about the fruit and don’t forget to share your thoughts about this with us!

Preview Photo: Joi Ito/flickr

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