When a human is referred to as “two-faced”, there are negative connotations attached to it. However, in the case of this cat, being two-faced has positive implications. Yana the cat has a face with one half of it brown colored and the other half black colored. This cute chimeric feline owns breathtaking markings on her fur. From the looks of it, her parents might have run out of ink when creating Yana.

Yana was on the search for a new owner and in July 2016, an advertisement of her was shared on a Belarusian website named ‘Nasha Niva’. Her unique appearance made sure that she found a new owner straightaway. Yana is now happily residing with Elizabeth who is an architect and design student living in Orsha, Belarus. This adorable feline has also managed to become quite the Instagram sensation with an account consisting of over 80k followers.

#1. When your parents can’t decide between brown and black.

#2. When your human asks you to do the tongue out pose.

#3. Please let me off this leash human. Let me wander around and do a bit of exploring.

#4. The cold never bothered me anyway.

#5. The tongue out poses sleepy edition.

#6. Looking like a creature that came right out of Greek mythology, despite attempting to appear like a lion.

#7. Blending in with the backdrop. Can you spot me?

#8. Looking at a scrumptious squirrel on the other branch.

#9. Ignoring all the fallen apples around me and staring at the camera. Not a fan of apples you see.

#10. When god can’t decide which color suits you best. “Let’s just mix them all,” he said.

#11. Posing for a picture with my favorite human being.

Image Credit & More Info; yanatwofacecat/Instagram

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