By. Ran

Being in a relationship with a woman who likes you just because you can is one of the lowest things you can do. If you see no future with her, just tell her so and leave her. Do not lead her on. Do not let her believe that she is in an invested relationship.

She is a person, not a thing. She is definitely not an object.

If you are thinking about all the things you get from being with her, all the advantages you get from the relationship without considering her feelings or how the situation will affect her, you are a jerk.  You are one of the most immature and selfish people in the world. Grow up – she’s a human being, not something you can use for your pleasure and throw away when you’re done.  She is not a toy that you can throw away when you have played enough with it.

Just think about how you would feel if you were to find out that she was leading you on, giving you false hope, only to leave you in the midst of nowhere. Think about how crushed you would feel when she tells you all of a sudden that she just doesn’t see you that way anymore, that she does not want a future with you after months of letting you believe that you were someone special for her.

Be clear about what you want.

If you see no future with her, then you need to communicate that to her. Whether you two decide to go your own ways or to give it a try is totally up to you. But the important thing here is the fact that she needs to know. She deserves to know the truth. She deserves to know who she is in your life. She deserves to know whether she is a fling, or your future wife and the mother of your children. Either way, she deserves to know the reality.

There is no pint in staying in a relationship if there is no future to the relationship. If you see her as somebody that you can pass time with and discard when somebody better comes along, then you are wasting your time and well as her time.

So tell her. Tell her now. Do not wait another week, another month, or another year to tell her. It’s better to rip the band-aid off quickly.  The longer you’re together, the more it will hurt when you eventually decide to break up with her.

Also, remember that it is easy to believe that somebody better will come along. But the truth is, most of the time, they won’t. If you have a good woman by side right now, think carefully before you throw it away.

But if you are sure that you cannot commit to her, then let her go immediately. Do not waste her time anymore.

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