A clip which went viral not very long ago is now doing the rounds again for the second time. It shows how a baby elephant tries to rescue a man (who actually does not need help) by getting away from its herd.

Most of the time, the bond between humans and wild animals seems to have a conflicting nature, but we also come across heart-warming incidents which suggest otherwise.

In this specific scenario, a baby elephant named Kham Lha was grazing on the river bank along with its herd. Kham Lha saw “Darrick” who was its favorite human in the river and thought he must be drowning. Kham Lha rushed towards Darrick with the intention of saving him even though the video clearly demonstrates that Darrick was swimming fine. Kham Lha came closer to Darrick and held him by its trunk.

This heart-melting video was first posted by Educate Inspire Change, which shows how Darrick thanks Kham Lha for her effort and how they hug each other. This video is one good proof to show that even wild beast reacts to love in the cutest possible ways.

The tiny cub resides in Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park is well known for sheltering elephants who are rescued from the tourism industry and other implicit trades.

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