Nothing can be worse as getting sick and having to be to stay in a hospital for days. Well, this is what most of actually think when we get seriously ill. Just imagine living with medicine smell, the sight of sick people and some old doctors inquiring you about your all sorts of life habits! That can be really irritating sometimes, right?

 However, in some countries around the world, the situation is quite different. Getting sick and having to be to stay in the hospital has become such a luxury and you would think being ill is a blessing if you live in a country like this. 

Apart from the comfortable rooms and proper health care, hospitals in these countries give the best foods ever and no matter how sick you are, you would surely love to have them as it would be such a waste to throw them away. We are sure that these foods must be lot nutritious along with their great taste and appearance and that is why we say, it must be a blessing to get sick in these countries!

The best thing is that almost all these countries are really famous for the quality of their health service and foods must be one aspect which has contributed to maintaining the quality of their service.

According to their different culinary habits, all these foods appear to be different from one another and I personally think the best country to get sick is none other than United States. Having a pizza along with a good bed for a comfortable sleep is more than being in heaven and scroll down to see some other foods people are given at hospitals in different countries.

1. The Philippines.

2. The United Kingdom.

 3. Australia.

4. Malaysia

5. Sweden.

6. Singapore.

7. Thailand.

8. Japan.

9. China.

10. United States.

11. Switzerland.

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