By. Anuradha

The period after a break up of a serious relationship can’t be compared to anything. You devoted your time, attention, love and everything for a person with whom you had plans to share your life with, but now everything is gone and you are left alone. In such a moment, you would want nothing but to teach him a lesson and to find another person who is so much better than him. As humans, this is one of the thoughts that most of us have after a breakup. We think there is a void to be filled in our lives and we will try hard not to quench our sorrow but to show everyone that we are happy again. 

But, moving up does not mean that you are going for another partner. It is alright to move away from a relationship where you do not feel loved and appreciated. You have taken the right decision and you will surely meet someone better. But, if you consider breaking up as a loss and try to replace that place with whoever comes next, it is not right at all. 

Try to use this time to invest in yourself. Instead of grieving over a person you lost, you can focus more on your career goals, personal achievements and simply on your self. You can call your old friends and have some outings with them. You can freshly begin everything maybe by changing your apartment, your neighborhood, and everything. When you are occupied with other changes in your life, you won’t simply have time to regret anything and in no time, you will be able to get over your past lover. 

However, I know it won’t be that easy. When you see your ex with someone posting happy pictures on Facebook, that can be quite heart-breaking. You will also want to show that you are doing good and in frustration would go for any person that comes into your life. Naturally, we all want to be desired and valued. But remember, what matters is your inner peace and not what you show to the world.

So, after a breakup, use that time wisely! Invest in your self and consider being single to be a blessing. All that we need in our lives is to be happy and to try and have that happiness in the best way possible without wasting your time!

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