How we react to a difficult situation will affect how stress affects us and our health. Stress will affect individuals in different ways. That can be even more difficult if they feel their jobs have become more difficult over the years.

A recent research has has identified that people aged over 40 perform the best in their jobs when they work only three days a week.

The report, which was published in the Melbourne Institute Worker Paper series, According to this It was found those working 25 hours a week performed best while those working 55 hours a week showed results worse than retired or unemployed participants.

How Working Hours Affect the Brain

Now you might be bit surprised and think this is something which you cannot do. However, when you work for 55 hours, overall performance will go down. Therefore “fatigue and stress” will take place in the matter. also it doesn’t maximize the positive effects of work.

The Solution

The job could be full time or part time. What if the job is more intellectually demanding?

As noted by Professor Colin McKenzie from Keio University, people will choose their jobs based on their cognitive abilities.

Also he says “Many Countries in the world are going to raise their retirement ages and delay the age at where people are eligible to start receiving pension. This will result that more people will continue to work in the later stages of their life.

Therefore working full time until the age of 67 with fatigue and stress,  will not benefit  the Government. Therefore they are aim to make the idea of working for 40 hours per week until the age of 67 by 2026 or 2028.

Final Thoughts

Instead of fitting your life around your job, you can look for jobs that allow you to pursue your interests

Therefore, it is not fair to force them to work until the age of 67, as the government claims. Because older people can’t put the same effort as they did 20 years ago. Nevertheless, more research is still necessary to confirm these claims.

If you just want to stay active and in touch with other people, look for low-stress work with light responsibility.

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