By. Anuradha

Having a sugar-tooth is a common trait among many people. We love to have chocolates, gateaux, toffees and all kinds of sweets and when we were kids, the arrival of the festive season meant that we were going to have a lot of sweets. However, when it comes to health, eating a lot of sugar is of course not a good thing. We become conscious of our sugar intake only when we get diagnosed with diabetes. But, if you pay attention to these signs, you would know that you are eating too much sugar and it would help you to control your sugar intake before getting diagnosed with diabetes.

So, check whether these symptoms are displayed by your body and if so, please take precautions to reduce your sugar intake.

#1. Constant hunger.

You constantly feel hungry when your sugar intake is high. This happens when high blood sugar prevents glucose from entering cells. As a result, the body will not receive enough energy and will ask for food continuously to fulfil this energy requirement.

#2. Increased fatigue.

When the body is not able to absorb and store glucose properly because of the high blood sugar level, the body cells will not receive the fuel they need. So, you always feel tired even if you don’t do anything tiresome.

#3. Frequent urination.

When the sugar level in your blood is high, your kidneys cannot reabsorb fluid. Therefore, your body will be in a constant struggle to equalize the glucose concentration in the blood and the cells. As a result of this whole process, you constantly need to urinate.

#4. Dry mouth, excessive thirst.

When your body does not have enough fluids, it constantly asks for more and as a result, you feel a strong thirst most of the time. It happens when the hypothalamus sends a corresponding signal to the brain.

#5. Weight loss.

Losing weight is a definite sign to say that your sugar intake is quite high. The low fluid level in your body, the constant fat burning, and releasing a large amount of urine collectively cause for a weight loss in the body and if you notice that you are losing weight in a significant way, then you better consult a doctor immediately.

#6. Infectious diseases.

A common infection that can be found in both men and women because of high sugar intake is the Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and Yeast infections. However, this condition can commonly be observed among women.

#7. Dry skin.

There are various reasons why dry skin is a result of high sugar intake. Constant urination results in dehydrating the body and you also notice leg skin problems due to atherosclerosis. Moreover, the damaged nerves can also disrupt the process of sweat glands making your skin coarse and dry.

#8. Concentrating difficulties.

You would find it hard when making decisions and during the thinking process when your sugar level is up. This happens when glucose does not enter the brain cells.

#9. Blurred vision.

When your body is dehydrated it also affects your eye cells and as a result, your vision can be blurred, and you find difficulties in focusing.

#10. Slow healing of wounds and cuts.

High sugar levels result in vascular damage and your wounds take a lot of time to heal as body tissues do not have sufficient nutrition levels.

#11. Impotence.

Excess of sugar in blood, prevents a healthy erection and therefore, there would be difficulties maintaining an erection.

#12. Irritability.

Research shows that people with high blood sugar are more anxious, depressed, and irritable. The constant ups and downs in body glucose levels are the result of this mood change.

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