By Anuradha.

Kids are just amazing. Even though they have a tiny brain and small hands and legs, they think so many super cool things all the time and would always try to do things that they can never do. They would always ask questions and piss you out but at the end of the day, you will always feel good about your kid and would love him/her more than ever!

Jordan Adams who is also known as the Texan “Pizza enthusiast and joke writer” was much impressed with his nephew Ethan’s class cookbook and he decided to share some pictures of that on social media. As soon as it was shared, many people were equally impressed by this brilliant work and his tweet quickly went viral with 178k likes and 72k shares. The book featured the cooking recipes for various foods that the kids had invented by themselves and they were too adorable and cute!

Image credit & More info: Twitter

From Joe’s tacos to Ariana’s macaroni, there were many other intriguing recipes and all of them offered a unique perspective of children’s mind. So, scroll down to see these adorable recipes and there is no doubt that you would end up loving them!

Ethan’s Eggs Recipe.

Joe’s Tacos Recipe.

The recipes were taken with a recording device which perfectly captured the agitations, excitements and all confusions in kid’s mind and everyone was really impressed with the final product. As this effort turned out to be too adorable, the teacher decided to create the entire cookbook as a gift for the moms. 

Sebastian’s Pancakes Recipe.

Ariana’s Macaroni Recipe.

Ariana’s Spaghetti Recipe.

Eduardo’s Spaghetti Recipe.

Dominick’s Donuts Recipe.

Some people even add strawberries to cheese macaroni and pointed out that they were healthy and some even needed their dolls to be in the kitchen. The cookbook has many more interesting things taking place and have a look by yourself!

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