By. Neluka

This incident of a stray dog took place in a park in Jinzhong, a city in China. Apparently, this stray dog was hovering about the streets when it came across a human, it stood using its hind legs and held its paws in front as if it were kindly requesting for food. It was such a tragedy to see a dog starve and beg for food.

Every dog deserves the title of a ‘Man’s best friend’. This emotional attachment managed to capture many hearts on the Internet as the video went viral. The dog’s emotions were something that no one could have expressed by words but through the feeling gushing within their souls. People were heartbroken because not a single human nor animal deserves to be unloved and not taken care of. A passer-by who came across this dog, visited him to feed him daily until it found a home that was safe and sound to its harsh reality.

According to the video, the stranger, who was a woman, walks up to him to give him some food and his eyes look like they were full of tears. The stranger then breaks a piece of his sausage and offers it to the dog to eat. The starving stray does not waste any time devouring the tiny bit of food, as per news reports and ever since he has been excited to run to this woman who brought him food every day. He would wag his tail to express his immense joy and courtesy towards her.

This woman never wanted her identity to be revealed and all she wanted was to find a home for this stray she came across. She wanted to take him home at first but the dog seemed scared and probably feared the fact that he was given food to lure him into a trap. Thus she posted this video on social media that went viral and brought in an attempt for people to take action immediately.

This story indeed brings out a moral too, where people should be kind to others at all times for we never know what they might be going through and a simple act of kindness may make their whole day or even life.

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