By. Mahesh

Nature, which is an essential part of humanity is one of man’s greatest blessings. However, people do not recognize it today. Many poets, writers, artists and many more were inspired by nature. This outstanding creation inspired them to write in his glory poems and stories. They really appreciated nature which is reflected even today in their work.

Basically, nature is all about us, like the water we drink, the air that we breathe, the sun in which we swim, the birds that we hear chirping, the Moon that we are looking at and more. It is above all rich, vibrant and consists of living things as well as things that are inanimate. Thus, modern people should also learn from people of the past and begin to evaluate nature before it’s too late.

Here is a collection of pictures we found to show you how fascinating nature is.

#01. The Neskowin Ghost Forest is a sight to see. This Is located in Oregon’s Tillamook coast in USA. It looks as if ghosts are emerging from the water. It is said that these stumps were hidden under the sand for centuries.

#02. Black hellebore flower stands out from other flowers because it is not as colorful as other flowers. These can be found in certain European countries like Switzerland and Germany. Although, these flowers are deemed poisonous to humans. Ingestion of its roots and stems can be fatal.

#03. These clouds are an omen saying that a storm is coming. It’s formed by powerful upward air currents carrying the water vapor above.

#04. This is an armadillo lizard. But it looks like a baby dragon from Game of Thrones.

#05. This is a mouth of a fish called the saw fish. This fish does not pose a threat to humans, and they tend to avoid areas where humans would swim.

#06. Snapdragons make lovely flowers when they are alive. But when the seed dies, the heads of the dead flowers look like mini human skulls. And the skull opens and closes its mouth when squeezed between the fingertips.

#07. They are also known as hammer bats. These are found about 5900ft above the sea level in rainforests and swamp forests.

#08. This is phenomenon called “Crown Shyness” where fully stocked trees do not let them touch each other by forming a canopy with gaps.

#09. This is a picture of a blue fugus, and these grown on tree branches.

#10. The picture of this tree is from a farm in California, USA. It’s changing its trunk color like a snake leaving its skin behind.

#11. Giant Atlas, more commonly known as the Atlas Moth.

Ps; Photo credit goes to all the rightful photographers. We do not own any of these pictures. Please contact us for any means necessary. Thank you.

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