By. Anuradha

Dogs are like sweet little kids. If you own a dog, then you would surely know what I am talking about. They always like to play, have a sweet tooth even if it is not good for their health and they have no idea of personal space! They invade your bedroom, bathroom and sleep happily on your sofa. Unless you are a strict parent, your dog can be extremely naughty. They need constant attention and love just like another human and you can check this out by ignoring them for a certain time. The dog would be so restless and they can even fall sick because of that.

So, most of the true dog lovers always make their dogs the prime concern. No matter where they go or what they do, you see their dogs hanging around them even though we do not think of this as a wise thing to do! So, if you are going to have a puppy, keep in your mind that you need to teach him/her some basic discipline from a young age. Then they turn out to be perfect pets to hangout and you would be very proud of your baby.
However, we are not going to tell you details about how to discipline your dogs but to impart some laughter! We have collected some pictures of dogs who found perfect places to hide (or at least they think so!) apparently, dogs do not have an idea of their body sizes and as soon as they get their eyes covered, they act as if no one else can see them too!

Scroll, down to see these funny pictures, and do not forget to share these among dog lovers.

Now they can’t see me!

Curtains are the best place to hide.

Find me if you can!

Everything is covered.

Find me, Mommy!

Hope they would not sit on me.

The new bookmark.

Can there be any place better than this to hide?

See I can perfectly fit.

They won’t find me ever.

I am a piece of shoe.

Head covered – mission completed.

Just don’t breathe.

I think they did not see us.

Merge with the scenery.

Put everything over you mate.

I was just getting cleaned.

Eyes covered.

Keep smiling.

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