We have done so many things in our childhood and we have a lot of memories which are hard to forget. It could be the Mix CD’s we used to burn, or the evenings renting VHS tapes for our movie nights. These are the things which we used to bond with the technology. It is a kind of nostalgia which will always take us back to those beautiful memories. It is a good feeling!

Therefore, “Auxx me” decided to take you on a small trip down the memory lane and share some of the unforgettable things which we used to have before the 2000s.

1. The golden age of CDs.

2. Netflix collection during the 90s.

3. Wonderful Movie time at school.

4. iTunes in the golden days.

5. Back then when we struggled so much to choose the best option.

6. The difficulty of playing this computer game.

7. Never wanted to lose one piece.

8. PlayStation 1

9. Before Game Boy was created.

10. The TV with a built-in VCR.

11. The real internet struggle

12. The most entertaining screensavers

13. The video guidelines for Windows 95

14. How we used to spend our time in class.

15. Troll pencil-toppers.

16. The Popular cootie-catchers.

17. You either burn alive or electrocute yourself.

18. How “blocking” someone used to work.

19.The 80s smartwatch.

20. Sticker collections.

21. This is where devastated jeans started.

22. Keyboards were grey.

23. When always wanted some retail experience.

24. How we used to clean unclean mouse balls:

25. How we recall having a happy meal at McDonald’s.

26. The Pizza Hut drinking glasses.

27. These legendary Crayola Mini-Stampers markers.

28. The famous Bug in a Box.

29. We used to have Roll-up windows.

30. This was never easy.

Please tell us which of these remind your past, we hope that this images may make you feel the most nostalgic. You also can share your memories with us as we would like to know more, things you remember from the 90s or your youth.

Please also share this with your family and friends and remind them of their childhood too.

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