By. Ran

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. – Oscar Wilde.”

There are people who enter our lives only to be there for a short period of time while some people become a crucial part of our existence. We often wonder why those temporary people come into our lives. While we may easily believe that they come into our lives just to hurt us, it turns out that they serve a much greater purpose. They make us realize what we need to distance ourselves from, what we need to eliminate from our lives. They make us see the world through a new point of view; they help us rethink our own principles and behaviors. Being witnesses of injustice and feeling great discomfort caused by the behavior of others help us think about our own principles and to reinforce our beliefs on what is good and what is bad. Sometimes, going through bad situations helps us become better versions of ourselves.

Sometimes, it is hard to distinguish between the negative and the positive people in our lives. Indeed, the worst is when we have no knowledge as to who is pretending to be a better person while they are not. However, sometimes, when they no longer need us, they just do not care to pretend anymore.  We have to be clever and remove those toxic people from our lives. Removing such people is healthy for us, it enables us to move forward at a healthy pace.

Rather than being fixated on what one did, we should focus on the lessons learned from such experiences.

The idea is to comprehend our ideas and expose our thoughts and emotions without being overly considerate about the consequences. This will give us quick, direct and satisfactory results: our problems will be reduced and we will achieve the peace and the serenity that we expect from life.

Life is too short to be spent stressed on what people around us are doing. So, the best thing to do is to stay as far as possible from anything that is negative and to get closer to what makes us better.

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