By Anuradha.

There is no need to say that moms are the ones who do the most hard-working job ever. They have to work more than 7/24 and they will not even be paid for their hard work. We naturally expect them to work hard and if something has gone wrong in your home, you would obviously wait till your mom make everything right. So, there is no need to say that they come across a huge amount of emotional and financial stress daily.

So, this is not an issue that we can ignore because all of our moms are undergoing this daily. “Mom-cation” is a recent trend that was really popular in social media which gave a nice solution to this problem. Mom-cation is a brief vacation where moms travel together or solo without the family and enjoy herself. Even though it sounds as if moms are enjoying without no care for others, psychologists suggest that moms traveling on their own can improve their family relationships in the long run. 

However, moms should also be aware that taking a ‘mom-cation’ can improve their own well-being.

Nevertheless, this can be beneficial for the other members of the family too. Psychology professor, Dr. Nava Silton says that “it is very important for kids to see that balance that ideally needs to be achieved in a family situation”.

Motherhood doesn’t only mean raising a child but also looking after every single function at home and in kid’s schools and so on.

 A mom can be the only person who has a good idea about everything happening at home and keeps everything in order. 

So, before taking a trip mom can devise a care plan for the husband and other members of the family.

So, when she comes back nothing would have gone wrong. Speaking about her experience one mom said that “I came back and I was a better mom. A more patient mom. A better wife. You learn to appreciate what you have at home because you got that break from it all”.

However, even going out for a coffee with a friend can be refreshing to you always remember to think about yourself first before committing too hard, everyone. At the end of the day, if you are not satisfied with your life, then you will never enjoy the things that you are doing for the family.

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