By. Thilini

Even though life is too short to be treated badly, most people do not understand this. They treat other people in a bad way, not caring for their feelings or dignity. So it is up to you to make sure that you do not allow yourself to be treated in such a way. You should ensure that you stand up for yourself.

Here are 6 toxic behaviors you should never tolerate:

#1. When someone constantly points out your weaknesses.

Sometimes, when you are arguing with a person who is clearly wrong, they start pointing out your faults instead of accepting that they are wrong. What they do here is that they are trying to weaken you by emphasizing your flaws. You need to stop this toxic criticism. When someone tries to change the subject or to insult you by pointing out your weaknesses, you need to let them know that you won’t tolerate it and that you stand your ground.

#2. When someone makes mean comments, saying it’s only a joke.

Some people hide their hate and pass it off as sarcasm. They tell mean things about people and claim it to be just a joke. They do not care how bad they make you feel about yourself. When something like this happens, you need to step up for yourself and let them know how it actually makes you feel like.

#3. When someone desperately needs validation.

It is not your duty to make someone feel good about themselves. Just because they are insecure about themselves or just because they constantly need validation, you are not obliged to make them feel better. While supporting and encouraging your friends is amazing, you have to keep in mind that it is not your responsibility to do so.

#4. When someone is playing the victim even though they started the fire.

These people are very good at manipulation and can convince you that they are innocent when they are the ones who started everything in the first place. They make you look like the bad guy even when you did not do anything wrong. Playing the role of the victim is a common tactic toxic people use to escape their responsibilities.

#5. When someone acts as if life was a competition.

Life is not a race. We have to take life at our own pace. But, some people think that they always have to be ahead of you; they always think that life is about beating others around them and winning the race. You need to distance yourself from people like this.

#6. When someone calls you only when they need you.

There are certain people who reach out to you only when they need something from you. They never get in touch when you are going through a hard time. This can be people from work, your friends, or even you relatives. No matter who they are, you have to keep your distance from them.

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