By. Ran

Without a doubt, anxiety is harmful. The worst part of anxiety is that people suffering from it may be perceived as lazy, irresponsible or passive; often, most people fail to comprehend what those who suffer from anxiety go through. Here is a list of things that people with anxiety do without even realizing they are.

#1. Decline invites although you may want to go.

You may have the entire thing planned out, but, on the last minute, anxiety takes over. You feel like there is no energy left in your body to go out so you cancel your plans, you reject the invitations even when your inner self wants to carry on.

#2. Obsess over trivial things other people may not even notice.

All it takes to put you in a bad mood is just a glance from a stranger, a missing text, or a convo you had months ago. You obsess over insignificant things and make yourself miserable. People would be shocked to learn that you even notice such things.

#3.  Go to bed late, wake up early in the morning.

One of the main issues for someone suffering from anxiety is sleep. With all the thinking that goes on in your head during the day, bedtime is particularly difficult for you.

#4.   In every situation, the worst scenario is your biggest thought.

Instead of enjoying the moment as it is, you can’t help picturing and convincing yourself that the worst scenario is inevitable.

#5.  You rewind conversations in your head – over and over again.

Even when you have had the most perfect conversation, you tend to replay it in your head thinking that you may have said something inappropriate. So you always have to remind yourself that it’s your anxiety talking and that there is most certainly nothing wrong with what you have said in the first place.

#6.  When someone shows concern about you, you become even more worried about the same thing.

Having people be concerned about you makes you fear even more for yourself, accelerating your anxiety. You think that if it is noticeable, then there may be something terribly wrong with you.

 #7.  You believe that you are to blame if someone doesn’t reply right away.

Whenever someone does not reply fast, you are quick to put the blame on you, thinking that you may have said something, or done something wrong. However, you should stop and consider that they may be in the middle of something that takes up their attention, or that they are just bad at communicating.

#8.  You are experiencing a breakdown when the future comes as a topic.

While future presents a promising aspect for many people, the very thought of the future makes you feel intimidated and frustrated.

#9. You always compare your success to others who are your age.

Your anxiety makes you compare yourself to your peers all the time. Your worries are not that they have managed to succeed, but if you are ever going to succeed in your life as they have.

#10.  You obsess too much over every mistake you make by beating yourself up over it.

The worst is the possibility of making a mistake at work. Your anxiety refuses to acknowledge the fact that making mistakes is natural and common.

 #11.  Sometimes, you feel too mentally and physically exhausted to get out of bed.

Anxiety consumes most of your energy, both mental and physical. That is why you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

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