By: Anuradha

“One may smile and smile, and be a villain” – William Shakespeare.

Sometimes when we meet new people, we attract to them at first sight. The way they talk, the way they smile and simply, everything seems to be like a fine invitation to begin a new friendship.

But after sometimes, you might see a new side of this person. That he/she is not the one you thought him/her to be. The face showed earlier was just a pretension and not the real. The real personality is totally different from the faked one.  They are the Janus- faced persons who hide their true attitude.

It’s always better to avoid these people as far as possible. They would do no good to you and therefore, here we list out some signs that would help you to identify these type of people very easily.

1. They are very demanding.

These sort of fake people think themselves to be superior and therefore, they are very demanding. They try to fulfill their wishes by using you and thus, we should be strong enough to reject them. We should not bow our head to these people and should try to keep our standards. We should not be obsessed with their negativity.

2. They cause you to be pessimistic.

If you talk with someone nice, you would always feel positive and good after the talk. But, if you feel the reverse, then the person you meet can hardly be a nice person. These people will make you feel empty and bad after the talk and therefore, do not let these people intimidate yourself.

3. Eye contact and body language.

People who are highly manipulating try to take control by using their eye-sight and body language. They may try to scare you by a steady stare or by using strong body language. You would feel very inferior and this may succumb you to a downward position. Therefore, try not to be affected by these signs.

4. The can be highly persuasive.

They would try to pressure you to make you do what they want. Maybe his charm, his elegance, and fine talk would make you captivated and would enmesh you in the net. So, try to be away from manipulators like this. Regardless of the consequence, they would direct you to do what they want and therefore, try to be liberal and confident.

5. Insulting humor.

They use humor to insult people. They would say something offensive and try to add smoothness by adding humor. Sometimes you would see them telling something harsh and cover it up by saying “just kidding”. Don’t let them have fun out of you and make you a fool. It only gives them the pleasure of being superior and you should not let them have that fun.

6. It’s all about them.

When you are engaged in a conversation with these people, you would notice that it’s all about them. No matter what you talk, they would change the conversation to their side and try to get the attraction and be the topic. You would hardly have space to talk what you want.

So, try to understand the real nature of people before keeping your full faith in them.

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