By. Anuradha

I know love is not always about romance. It is cool to have dates, surprise gifts, and dinner outs but a relationship is deeper than these. It is the ability to connect with the other one and sharing all your weaknesses and strengths. It is feeling comfortable in your lover’s presence and feeling of happiness when you are surrounded by that one. True love is a miracle and the ones who possess it are the winners.

I want a relationship where both of us trust each other. There should be no time where we are not sure of each other and live with the constant fear that one would move away from this. I need to trust you and I need to trust me. I don’t think a healthy relationship would exist between two people who are in constant doubt of their feelings. So, that basic understanding between us is important than anything.

I want you to be my best friend, my lover and my everything. There can always be ups and downs but I need you to try as much as I do to have perfect love ever. If I am the only one who is always making efforts to work on this, then this will never be a success. We should love equally and we should enjoy our presence equally. In all the moments of sadness and laughter, both of us should stay together and we should come to a point where we both can look relaxingly at the other things in our lives without being troubled by the need to constantly watch over our relationship. We can always make mistakes, we can always make compromises and I don’t need us to be perfect. It is just that we can love each other the same and stick together through thick and thin. No matter what happens I will always be there for you in the same way, you will be there for me.

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