Do you feel like leaving everything behind and moving to an entirely new place with the hope that things will get better? Do you get these thoughts? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, it is quite possible that your soul is trying to connect with you. Most of the time you engage in things that may not bring you happiness and fill with emptiness.

No one is expecting things to get worse. We all grow and learn and figure out what is the best way. If you think you are not happy with it, then it is your soul trying to tell that you need a break.

Here is a list of things that are often marked as the reason for the slow death of your soul.

1. You feel numb

You are not yourself anymore. There are no happy feelings, you feel a sense of numbness. Nothing brings you joy.

2. You do not feel loved

They are people who really love you, but you cannot feel it. You are distancing yourself from those in your life for an unknown reason

3. You are more anxious than usual

You are nerves. Your anxiety is through the roof and you cannot calm.

4. You keep making excuses

You think and keep telling yourself everything will be better and come up with dumb reasons as to why things are how they are. Making excuses will not help. You have to face things and make changes.

5. You fear the future more now than ever

You are scared of where you are going and who you are going to turn out to be. You know this does not correspond to your purpose but keep making excuses as to why you will not change.

6. You keep putting yourself down

You are not aware of how to be kind to yourself. You keep talking down to yourself and making things worse.

7. You keep dwelling on the past

You are trapped on things that you cannot change which is not healthy for yourself at all. You have got to learn to be true to who you are and forget the things that are no longer serving a purpose in your life.

8. You are struggling to find the word‘NO.’

The more you agree to the eviler things will become. Say no when you need to. When you are agreeing to do things you do not want to do is only going to bring you down more.

9. You do not want to help anyone

You just do not feel like anyone deserves your help.

10. You have been more distant lately

You are detached even from yourself. You may find yourself sleeping more frequently. Be there for yourself especially in times like this.

When you notice things like this you need to stop and meditate over what to do next.

If you have all these feelings, it is time to put yourself first and take care of your soul:

• get plenty of rest,

• unplug the phone and go back to what you really like

• avoid negative thoughts and self-criticism.

(You need to Keep in mind that if you experience any of the symptoms listed here, kindly also get pieces of advice of a medical professional, as they could also be related to other medical-related causes.)

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