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Strong women with soft hearts are not the common type in the world that we live in. it is not easy to find them but once you own such a one, you will see that your whole life is getting changed. You will be enchanted with her love and she will make your life much easier. But, with time, when the first sparkles fade away and when you find new people to your life, the value and the place that you gave to that lady will eventually change and sometime you will completely forget her. You will think that her soft heart will never make her go away from you, but that would be the mistake of your life.

When you ignore a strong and a soft hearted person, do not ever think that she will come back to you because once she is done, she is done forever and nothing will change her mind to come back to you. Her heart can be soft but she is strong and therefore, you will never get her back again. This is what happens when you lose such a woman.

1. You lose someone who cares.

A soft heart woman will always stick by your side and will always encourage you in the moments that you fall down. She will hug you after fights and will think too much about your feelings. She will worry about your success and you will hardly find anyone else like her who cares that much for you.

2. You lose someone who is loyal.

You lose someone who will never think to cheat you even by a thought and in these days this type of women are really a rare thing. She would come across with situations where people who are much better than you come after her and wish for her heart, but she will never betray your love for anyone. So, if lose her, you will hardly find anyone who is that much loyal as her.

3. You lose someone who is with you through thick and thin.

A soft hearted strong woman will never leave your side, when you are in distress and she will be the first one to console you and support you in the moments that you need help. She will dance with you in rain and run with you crazily over the roads and at the same time, she will also stay with you in your bad times. But, if you lose her, then you have lost her forever.

4. You lose someone who encourages you.

You lose someone who know your potentialities and weaknesses and who is aware about your next move, even than you know. She was the one who stood up with you in night and hear about your dreams. It was her who showed you the right path when you were in complete darkness but if you lost her, then you will not receive that encouragement again for sure.e

5. You lose someone who will never hurt your heart.

When you gave up on her, you lost the other half of your heart and you lost the glowing energy of your soul. She was the one who lived in your heart and knew well about all its corners and nooks. But, if you lost her, then a part of your heart might be injured and in the edge of dying.

6. You lose your best friend.

It was not just the woman that you loved you lost, but the best friend who stayed with you in all your ups and downs. You lost your partner in crime and all that fun you had together will be a mere memory. Nobody will re-fill that part again and that part would be a blank forever.

7. You lose the woman of your dreams.

It was her that you always wished to have for your life. It was her laughter, her voice and her smell that filled your heart with pleasure. When she was with you, you never understood how important she is for your life and now you are too late to turn back. The dream wife of your dreams, mom for your kids will no longer be the perfect her and she is gone forever.

8. You lose the chance to live happy, fulfilled life.

You played with love when the queen was in your side. You didn’t understand her value and how worth she is. It was just a mere affair for you and you never return the love that she showed with equal magnitude.

But it is too late for you to turn back now. She is gone and will never come back.

Never take anything in life for granted.  – Benjamin Disraeli-

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