By. Ran

In this society, we have been taught from a very young age that women need a man to live a happy, full life. Thinking about this, it is more than clear that this is an absolute, solid lie. Along with this comes the lie that a woman needs a man because she is incapable of supporting herself, that she needs a man to make her life easier.

It is due to societal norms and ideologies that make us believe that we are incapable, that we are helpless without a man in our lives. We need to break this kind of thinking and think anew. We need to learn and know that we are capable and that we can.
I know single women who own companies, who have their own empires. I know single women who fought in wars. I know single mothers who are doing a great job at raising her kid.

We need to know that we don’t need a man, but if we do, we can get one! When we were born we were given three simple birthrights; one, being independent, two, being strong, and three, being alive. We have the ability of being strong on our own, and the incredible and miraculous ability of bringing life into this world.

And we can lead a happy life, even if you decide to live man-free! Having a choice is what makes life so interestingly beautiful. You can be a fierce businesswoman and still have a lover to share special moments with. The trick here is to not allow him or the relationship to change you. Relationships are meant to nurture you, help you grow and support you. And sometimes, we enter into a relationship with no knowledge of being independent and we instantly become codependent. And the society has conditioned us to believe that this is normal.

We don’t need a prince charming on a white horse who claims he can solve our problems because we are perfectly capable of solving them on our own, and we especially don’t need a man who creates problems.

Find a love that motivates you to become a better person, that encourages you in life, that aspires you to reach higher.

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