Some time back, to be precise in 2016, Joanne Lefson managed to save a one-month-old piglet from a slaughterhouse. It did not take her long to realize that this was no ordinary pig. This creature began to paint on canvases in a sanctuary situated in South Africa. He is now popular as Pigcasso, the Picasso of pigs.

This talented pig has succeeded in breaking a record since one of his paintings was sold for about 20 thousand euros. This work of art titled “Wild and Free”, was purchased by a German individual 72 hours after it was put up for sale. Pigcasso was able to shatter the record for the most expensive sale of a piece of art created by an animal. The previous recordholder was a Chimpanzee named Congo.

This talented pig has created many works of art throughout the years and some of his pieces are even auctioned for purchase. Joanne observed that the pig ate or destroyed everything in sight except for a few paintbrushes that were kept in his stall. This is when the human came up with the idea to nurture his talent for painting. Pigcasso soon got the hang of it and he was able to transform into the skilled artist he is today. Have a look at his masterpieces and let us know your comments below.

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The Van Gogh of pigs.

The art and artist in one frame.

Guess what I used as a paintbrush.

Busy creating masterpieces at my own studio.

The joy you feel after creating a work of art.

Feeling proud of my drawing skills.

Who needs a paintbrush when you got your snout.

The color of the day is none other than blue.

Anyone willing to buy this adorable piece?

Creating a masterpiece is no easy task.

Was inspired by the colors of the rooster.

Welcome to my OINK! Gallery.

Seeking for inspiration in nature.

Haha! I remember the day that I painted that.

The owners ask us to mention that “her art is Inspiring people to think differently about what they eat and to create a kinder more sustainable world”.

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