Everyone who loves cats, please come closer! We have an adorable little cutie to show you.

With her captivating two-faced appearance, the adorable furball from Thailand is winning everyone over. The meaning of her name is rather obvious: “Cat.” Their Instagram bio states, “Cats call themselves cats,” so the owner isn’t completely without merit.

The idea that toilet paper is a favourite snack for cats is sure to resonate with many of those who own cats. Supposedly, her best friend is a cockroach—a totally random choice for a companion, but hey, who am I to pass judgement?!

Image Credit & More Info; wendytwofacescat/Instagram | miaow_maew

Anyone that is captivated by the exotic appearance of this Thai cat might recall our earlier articles about the deceitful cats Venus and Quimera. It is believed that the cats’ bicolouration is due to genetic implications, an extremely unusual phenomenon in which a single individual has cells from two or more distinct eggs.

In order to learn more about this adorable little sweetheart, people had reached out to Cat’s owner Eve in northeastern Thailand. According to Eve, the kitten entered this world on August 23, 2018, and she is currently one year and nine months old.

Eve revealed that the cat’s distinctive white and grey split-colored face was the most eye-catching feature, however she did mention that she was half Persian and half Scottish. “I can’t help but think she resembles Harvey Dent from Batman,” said the proud cat owner.
They might not be best buddies after all, as Cat enjoys hunting cockroaches. “She’s a wild cat with an unhealthy obsession with toilet paper.” Eve mentioned that she has no choice but to conceal the toilet paper supply since they drive Cat absolutely bonkers.

When asked what Cat would say if she could speak, her owner told in an interview that that she may say “My fans, take notes if you are going to forget it: if u love me, send me more toilet paper!”

If you come across any out of the ordinary interesting creatures like Cat, do let us know in the comments section below.
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