By. Anuradha

If you are a cake lover like me, you would instantly fall in love even with the mere sight of cake pieces. They are yummy, so pleasant to see and what more foods need to be?  There are so many talented people out there who do wonders with their creativity. They decorate cakes in brilliant ways that make us forget whether they are edible cakes or some piece of arts. So, we thought to share such news about a brilliant lady who does wonders with her ability to decorate cakes. 

Leslie Vigil describes herself as a cake artist and that designation suits her the best. She does not only make tasty cakes but simply takes her creativity to the next level by icing those cakes in the most creative way possible. Her cakes are like art pieces in a gallery and her recent cake collection resemble more of a thread work!

Image credit: | Instagram

Her recent collection of Tapestry cakes is significant because of the icing which resembles snitches. All the stylized flowers, leaf patterns, and other decorative items on the cake look as if they were made out of the needle and you would surely feel like touching the cake to check whether it’s real or embroider!

These cakes carry a Mexican folk vibe and you would probably have seen Mexican ladies wearing gowns with same patterns of snitches. She has also mixed several traditions to create unique designs and speaking to us she said, “I love the idea of harmonizing textile traditions from different cultures”

All the roses and huge flowers on cakes are done only using icing and when you see the pictures, you would see how brilliant they are! So, scroll down to see some more pictures of her tapestry cake and don’t forget to leave your thoughts with us!

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