Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu

Love is discovered as you get to know all the different parts of someone. The good, the bad, the ugly, the real. Therefore, if you are truly in love with someone, you would not walk away easily after a little fight. Every relationship has small disagreements, but that does not mean, you need to hit a dead end to your relationship. You do not throw all the things that you have created after a moment of little unhappiness.

All relationships go through rocky patches, therefore when you love someone, you put an effort to connect with them and communicate, and give them a chance to share their moments. You give them a chance to share their thoughts, issues, challenges, and problems. After you actively listen to them and you become aware of some of the hidden shared moments of your them, therefore, you try to find all the possible solutions to overcome with the issue. You use your thinking ability to improve yourself along with your partner. You would not let ruin your entire relationship just because of a small argument, you make it as a challenge and face it with positive thoughts.

Without sacrifice, love cannot hold a relationship together. you fight for them and make sacrifices. When you are in love, you do not give up on them until you have exhausted in every option. You do not assume that the relationship should end when one little thing goes wrong. you both gain the courage to put an effort and make sacrifices for a long journey.

“If someone is facing a difficult time, one of the kindest things you can do for him or her is to say, ‘I’m going to love you through this.’ “
— Molly Friedenfeld

Supporting each other is an important aspect of true love. You need to keep in mind that they need your support on their good days and bad days. You do not avoid them in when they are going through with a  major crisis. You stay behind their back and focus, give attention and support them. Furthermore, you acknowledge the pain when they feel sick. You offer encouragement and visit a doctor immediately. You remind them how much you love them and you are not going to leave their side through this struggle.

Love isn’t always going to be easy, you accept that your relationship is not always easy. If you are expecting it to be smooth like you want to, it will never happen, therefore, if you love someone, you will have to expect those rough patches and find the strength to fight against them as a team.

Are you thinking about leaving them? Are you getting in your own way when things get tough?

When you truly love someone, you do not leave when things get hard, you do not go away at the first sign of trouble. You put in even more strength than before. You become even stronger. when you love someone, when you feel that you are with the right person, you believe that you can fight through anything. Be a team and give your best shot to your relationship. Never stop trusting yourself because You can survive no matter what problem comes to you. As time passes by, you will only be stronger and wiser.

“You don’t run from the people who need you. You fight for them. You fight beside them. No matter the cost. No matter the risk.”
― Rick Yancey, The Last Star

Cover Image: Christopher Bingo

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