A professional firefighter is always virtuous by nature. Therefore, the Australian Firefighters Calendar are determined to go an additional mile for a good reason. However, since 1993, they have been donating their fund-raising calendar project for charities like the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Furthermore, firefighters have spent several days for photography and after spending 17 days for photography, the final images have combined to create the iconic Australian Firefighters Calendar. It has also shared among the fans across the world.

In this year, the newest addition to the Australian Firefighters Calendar collection is Cats.

In last year, one of their Facebook posts featuring the Australian firefighters with kittens went on viral. Addition to that, the response was very overwhelming and they felt that they need to expand the photo shoot in this year to include a cat calendar for the 2019 season.

Furthermore, in 2018 the Australian Firefighters Calendar will be donating to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

More info: australianfirefighterscalendar.com


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