By. Anuradha

You must have met so many women in your life. Some of them might have been special and some of them might have left unforgettable memories. But due to some reason or the other, you might have said goodbye to her and let go of her.

However, no matter what you believe in never let go of a kind-hearted woman. She is the kind of woman who is so pure and genuine in her heart and she is filled with unconditional love for you. She will do anything for you and you will hardly find anyone else like her.

She is so unique and no one can replace her place. I know, you might think that all romantic and beautiful love stories are there only in movies but if you give a chance to a woman like this, you will see how beautiful your love story can be. You might be focusing on your career and your other life goals and you might not have time for her. However, she will not dump you for trying to make your future. She will be patient with you and this kind of woman will try to understand you and listen to you. There will be arguments and misunderstandings but she will never leave you and will forever be faithful to you. 

But if she feels that you are just playing with her and you don’t deserve her, then that’s it! When she is done she is done forever and there will be no turning backs. She will give you more than enough chances before taking her final decision but once she is sure of the decision that she made, no matter what you say, she will be gone forever.

Once she realizes how beautiful and peaceful her life is without you, she will be happy about the decision that she made. She knows that she does not deserve any drama in her life and therefore, she will never get caught in your fancy lies again. It will be too late for you then to ask for her to stay and you lose her forever.

Just keep in your mind that you are the reason why she broke up and you are the one who made her leave you. She will find someone who truly deserves her and loves her for her real self. She will be happier and more alive in her new relationship and you will be left alone with nothing but regrets for losing the woman who tried so hard for you!

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