By: Anuradha 

Art is a form of relaxation, the ultimate expression of creativity and the best way to explore the meaning of life. It challenges our way of thinking and takes us beyond our limited scope of reflections. There are various talented artists who produce unbelievable creations and among all forms of arts, sculptures are unique and special.

It is not easy to make sculptures. It requires a lot of talent and patience. But the final product can be dazzling and it might not only bring fame to the artist but also will add more value to the form of art. Here we have a collection of sculptures that challenge the laws of gravity and physics and surely, they would give you something to think about.

It is really hard to imagine how some of these sculptures are actually made and if you are someone who is good in science, then surely you would know the logic behind all these creations.

Sometimes you might even think that these are not the truth, but some tricks played upon our eyes but we can assure you that these sculptures actually do exist and maybe you can plan your next trip to visit all of them!

Human mind is just amazing and no other proof will be required to prove that other than these creations. All these sculptures are simply a combination of art and science and these images will extend your scope of thinking for sure.

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