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With our busy schedules most of us travel daily and if you are engaged in a job where you have to meet people across continents, you would be traveling often in planes. It is very fast and comfortable and the most practical way to travel when you need to move all around the world. But, if you are traveling a lot in airways, you might have experienced how hard it is to fall asleep on a plane. You would be constantly disturbed by other people’s movements, the seats would not be comfortable and by the time that you get down, you would be a lot fatigued and spent. 

However, if you know some practical tips to use when you are in planes, that would be a lot useful to you in order to have a comfortable ride. By following these tips you can not only have a comfortable journey but also enjoy the full luxury of travel and hope this would be much use to you in your next air travel. So, scroll down and don’t forget to let us know some of the tips that you follow too!

#1. The night is the best time for a flight.

It would be really great if you can pick a flight at the time you usually sleep. By waking up 2-3 hours earlier the night before the flight, you can easily fall asleep on the plane.

#2. The best days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Usually, in Tuesdays and Wednesdays, there would be fewer passengers onboard and it would be great for the people who prefer fewer people and more space. Those are the unpopular days. Fridays and any day before vacations are usually crowded.

#3. The perfect seat is at the window.

When you have a window seat, you can easily rest your head on the wall and not to be bothered by the neighbor next to you who wants to use the washroom. Avoid seats near the compartment wall too. Even though there is plenty of space there, it is usually reserved by families with infants.

#4. Tilt the back of your seat to the max.

By tilting the back of your seat as much as possible, you can have a good rest. Just make sure that the person next to you doesn’t mind. when you sit in the right angle for hours, it can cause back pains. Sleeping with your head on the table in front will also be not good as it is bad for your neck and spine.  

#5. Clothes should be warm and comfortable.

Wear clothes that do not hamper your movements. That will make you feel much comfortable and would be easy to fall asleep.

#6. Fasten your seat belt over your clothes.

When you wear the belt over your clothes, it will not have an effect on sleeping quality but it will prevent the flight attendance from waking you up if the plane experience turbulence. 

#7. Sleep accessories.

By using a sleep mask and earmuffs, you can avoid unnecessary light and noise. Take a special cushion with you if you need to rest your head and neck comfortably.

#8. Put your gadgets away.

The blue light in your laptop, tablet or phone wakes your brain and disturb your sleep. So, try to read a paper book or listen to calming sounds like birds singing or rain falling for a faster sleep.

#9. Food and drinks.

If you need to have a good sleep, then don’t overeat onboard. Avoid coffee or alcohol and the best option would be to have tea (herbal one) or plain water

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