By: Anuradha

When we need to design a dress exclusively for ourselves, we prefer to hire a well-qualified designer to perform the task. They are the people who are rich in ideas, who are good at matching the colors and simply they have something unique and special that many of us do not have. But, no matter how qualified and professional you are, there are times that you can do mistakes in your job. Even the most experienced and talented person can do blunders at times and we thought of sharing such hilarious mistakes that would bring a smile to your face.

Most of these dresses that we are going to show you, have reduced their quality and value by these mistakes but there were some people who chose to wear them despite all these errors! There are also pictures of various toys and gadgets where the designers have done some massive errors and it is really questionable whether these toys and stuff can be given to the kids after all! You can also see some pictures where certain ‘intelligent’ designers have created a glassed ceiling over washrooms! 

 So, scroll down to see these funny mistakes and perhaps even you would have similar experiences in your life that you would like to share with us! So, go ahead and share those interesting experiences that you had to face in your life too!

#1. Something clearly went wrong with Cinderella’s nose. (imgur

#2. may be Mike is the designer’s name? (imgur)

#3. “Make a cake with this photo, please. Here is a USB drive” you asked for it. (imgur)

#4. for those who don’t like to do things the easy way. (imgur)

#5. when they understood you literally. (imgur)

#6. “You must be wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today”. (imgur)

#7. this is ideal package design. (imgur)

#8. at least you can enjoy the leaves in summer. (pikabu)

#9. 2 in 1. (imgur)

#10. almost there. all we need is a transparent bottle. (pikabu)

#11. not the most attentive father. (reddit)

#12. apparently, the designer of this globe got a European tourist visa rejection. (reddit)

#13. we don’t think the client meant this color. (imgur)

#14. they don’t even look similar! (reddit)

#15. 2 flamingos met in the wrong place. (imgur)

#16. at least they tried. (camertron/twitter)

#17. so nice on a hot day! (imgur)

#18. Winnie is not what he used to be. (imgur)

#19. it’s important to get off in time. (imgur)

#20. a mirrored ceiling is a very bad idea here. A very bad one. (imgur)

#21. not the best spot for the flowers. (reddit)

#22. apparently, there was no better spot for inflating the toy. (imgur)

#23. just some baby shampoo with a strawberry fragrance. (reddit)

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