By: Anuradha

A strong woman possesses a different personality from that of ordinary women. The way that she tells goodbye is totally different from that of others because she is not the type that cries and makes scenes. She hardly likes to bear up with bullshit and therefore, when she feels that she doesn’t deserve to be treated in the way that her partner treats her, she will surely decide to move away.

She will not point fingers at the partner and accuse him of all the faults in their relationship because she knows that everyone is not perfect and sometimes, separation is the best solution for many problems.

She will not only leave him, but she will encourage the partner to do so too. A strong woman will never hold onto a guy who is not worth enough to hold on and therefore when she feels that her partner has taken the right decision in moving away, she will surely let him do so. She knows that everyone needs to be happy and therefore, she will not hinder it.

She knows that she will have to suffer from separation but she is also aware of the fact that all these sorrows are not permanent. She will always try not to make any person or consider anything to be the source of her happiness because she knows that everything can change and that’s why she doesn’t cling to thing passionately.

A strong woman knows that when someone really loves, they will not expect affection and attention in return. Real love should be selfless and she knows it is not only about holding tightly.

She knows that the right person will always remain no matter what happens in their relationship and only the people who don’t deserve to be there, will always find reasons to say goodbye. So, when she feels that her partner is bringing false excuses to break up, she will easily let him go because she knows what he has been doing in her life is a mere joke and she will be better off without him.

She knows that ending means a new beginning and she is brave and fearless to face all the challenges. She will not shut herself up or cry all the time after a break up because she is a phoenix rising out of ashes and she will open herself only to those optimistic things.

So when a partner leaves her, it will give her the strength to create her own happiness and start something afresh. She will start to chase after her dreams and she will open herself to new avenues. She won’t ever ask her partner to come back and instead she will start to love and cherish her own self.

But one thing is certain. When strong women decide to leave, there will be no any turning back.

No matter how much her partner come after her and plead with her, she will not change her mind and she will never turn back.

And then her partner will realize she didn’t actually lose him, but he lost her.

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