Miner Spends His Breaks Photographing Wild Foxes In The Arctic Circle


The distant Chukotka area of northeastern Russia is a harsh arctic tundra, yet Russian photographer Ivan Kislov can still uncover lovely traces of life among the foxes who survive and hunt here in the wild. He consented to speak with Bored Panda and reveal more about his incredible photographs.

Kislov, a mining engineer employed in Chukotka, resides in the northeastern port city of Magadan. During his lengthy hours, he occasionally turns to photography for “relaxation from routine.” In order to “observe the animals,” he enjoys doing hikes to inaccessible regions, rafting, or simply straightforward strolling excursions.

While Kislov uses wide-angle and telephoto lenses to capture images of anything from bears and reindeer to wolves and stoats, he claims that foxes are frequently quite cooperative models.

Image Credit & More Info; Ivan Kislov | ivankislov.ru | 500px | facebook

It’s so beautiful, it could be a painting.

They truly are natural models.

They know all the angles!

That is one unique little fox.

Caught in even their most vulnerable moments.

The affection between animals is truly unbeatable!

Their different hues are so wonderful to look at.

They’re also very expressive!

Literally unreal…

If we didn’t know any better, we would’ve thought this was a very unique dog breed.

Their facial expressions are unmatched.

We’ll never get over how luxurious this one looks.

They get the model eyes just right.

Wise one…

We don’t think it was ready to be photographed yet.

Neither was this one…

Are we intruding something…

Straight out of a movie!

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