The photograph was taken off the coast of the Svalbard archipelago and depicts a male polar bear that has just bedded down to sleep on a little iceberg.

Nima had spent three days working aboard an expedition vessel in an attempt to locate polar bears; however, she was unsuccessful due to the dense fog that surrounded the Norwegian islands. nsarikhani/Instagram

By the time the ship came across a patch of sea, she noticed a couple of bears. A few minutes before midnight, the younger male made the decision to take a break. Using its strong arms, the bear carved out a bed on a little iceberg and then proceeded to drift off to sleep. This took place under the light of the midnight sun.

The Happy Turtle, by Tzahi Finkelstein.

Image Credit & More Info; tzahi_finkelstein/Instagram

Tzahi was taking photographs of beach birds while he was concealed in his hide. Suddenly, he noticed a Balkan pond turtle strolling across the shallow water and he noticed a dragonfly in the vicinity. The dragonfly unexpectedly landed on the turtle’s nose, but instead of snapping up the insect, the turtle appeared to be deriving pleasure from the connection as they shared a moment in the midst of the swamp’s murky waters.

Starling Murmuration, by Daniel Dencescu.

Image Credit & More Info; danieldencescu/Instagram

Every day, when they were returning from their foraging expeditions, they would congregate in vast numbers and put on airborne performances, which are referred to as murmurations, while they were flying back to their communal roosts. After what seemed like an eternity, the flock finally delivered on this cloudless winter day by forming a shape resembling that of a gigantic bird.

Shared Parenting, by Mark Boyd.

Image Credit & More Info; markboydsafaris/Instagram

They had left the cubs hidden in dense bushes overnight before setting out on their hunt the previous evening. They had called the cubs out onto the open grassland by the time they returned from their mission, which had been unsuccessful. When it comes to parenting, females take turns raising each other’s cubs as if they were their own.

Aurora Jellies, by Audun Rikardsen.

Image Credit & More Info; audun.rikardsen/facebook

Audun utilized a single exposure in addition to his own mechanism for altering the focus and aperture while the exposure was being taken.. Moon jellyfish are found in every ocean and can be easily identified by their four rings, which are actually their genitals. Moon jellyfish are found in every ocean.

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