By. Anuradha

For all of us mortals, prom was like one of the biggest events in our high school life. Even months and months before the event not only the girls but also the boys were getting ready for their ‘promenade dance’ and there is no doubt that you all would have so many memories associated with your own prom parties. The dress that you wore, the partner you had and everything was pretty cool and most of you would probably have the pictures taken those days still with you!

However, we have something quite interesting to show you and most of you would enjoy this for sure. Even though we have seen so many celebrities dazzling in the red carpet with perfect features and wonderful dresses, things were drastically different in their young days. They all were typical kids just like you and me and that is why we thought of showing you their prom pictures!

Yeah, they all had weird, ugly days and all these pictures show their looks those days. So, scroll down to see the pictures and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

#28. Mathew McConaughey. (leahkpickett / East News)

#27. Kim Kardashian. ( / East News)

#26. George Clooney. ( / East News)

#25. Claire Danes. (EAST NEWS)

#24. Bruce Willis. ( / EAST NEWS)

#23. Angelina Jolie. (lovinglogs / East News)

#22. Brad Pitta. ( / East News)

#21. Lily-Rose Depp. (East News)

#20. Patrick Schwarzenegger. (patrickschwarzenegger / East News)

#19. Jessica Alba. ( / East News)

#18. Jeremy Renner. (Renner4Real / East News)

#17. Gaten Matarazzo. (gatenm123 / gatenm123)

#16. Beyonce. ( / beyonce)

#15. Gigi Hadid. (hadiddgigii / East News)

#14. Terry Crews. (terrycrews / EAST NEWS)

#13. Britney Spears. ( / East News)

#12. Will Ferrell. ( / EAST NEWS)

#11. Sandra Bullock. ( / East News)

#10. Brandy and Kobe Bryant. ( / East News)

#9. Bruno Mars. (tashhole / brunomars)

#8. Rihanna. (promtuxedo / badgalriri)

#7. Taylor Swift. (I_Dont_Know_Her / East News)

#6. Scarlet Johansson. (PageSix / East News)

#5. Lady Gaga. (Vikram_Sharma / East News)

#4. Blake Lively. (InquisitaB / East News)

#3. Jennifer Anniston. (I_dont_like_pie / East News)

#2. Jaden Smith. (krismaephoto / East News)

#1. Sophia Turner. (SophieT / East News)

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