Ivan Kislov, a Russian miner, certainly understands how to maximize his lunch breaks. He captures some of the loveliest images of foxes for online publication while working in Chukotka, Russia’s most northeastern area.

One year ago, he told that he used photography as a way to “relax from routine.” In order to “observe the animals,” Kislov likes to go on “hikes to inaccessible regions, raftings,” or just straightforward strolling excursions.

Foxes are curious and can approach rather closely, so Kislov uses both wide-angle and telephoto lenses while photographing them. Foxes make excellent models, so we’re delighted to showcase his most recent effort.

Image Credit & More Info; Ivan Kislov | ivankislov.ru | 500px | facebook

They’re nature’s models.

The little ones look unreal!

Looks like he had a great time in the snow.

This fox definitely knows its angles.

I think we’re interrupting something…

It’s the most candid moments that count.

The love they have is beautiful.

He’s sneaking up on us!

They have their own fun.

Even foxes enjoy a good stretch!

This one knows what “say cheese!” means…

This is definitely our favorite!

The composition of this photo is incredible! Looks like it’s spotted its prey.

Loving these angles!

He wasn’t ready for the picture!

Deep in thought…

The little ones always know where to look!

Truly majestic!

They have such beautiful eyes.

They’re not as scary as they think they are when covered in snow…

Fur coat flowing in the wind…

This fox knows it’s model faces!

We can feel the chills through this picture…

He smiles in his sleep!

A lot of them don’t seem to be ready for the picture…

He seems more than ready!

Absolutely remarkable photography!

Motherhood in nature is beautiful!

This is Ivan Kislov. We look forward to your other work!

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