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A sense of humor is such an important part of our lives. We can barely get by without a bit of sarcasm and humor in our lives. And having a sarcastic friend makes our lives a lot better, and here are 8 reasons why.

Scroll down to find out the perks of having a sarcastic friend.

#1. They do not sugarcoat things.

Sarcastic people make it real. They do not go around sugarcoating and watering down. They tell you anything directly. So it is guaranteed that if you are acting like a fool, they will tell it to your face. And trust me, it’s good in the long run.

#2. They will never get offended.

Just like they tell you the truth directly, they are willing to take it back as well. So even if you are harsh and pointing, chances are they will accept it with grace and dignity. This is one of the most critical traits of a best friend.

#3. They make you think outside the box.

They call on your insecurities and constantly push you to cross your comfort zones.  You will be emboldened by their sarcasm and you will realize that they were right all along with every uncomfortable step you take.

#4. They have always got your back.

In life, most people we meet are fake; they pretend to be our friends. But when it comes to sarcastic people, they tend to be the most loyal friends. They are not back-stabbers. If they hear people talking behind your back, not only will they tell you right away, they will also give them a piece of mind.

#5. They will make a great wingman/woman.

They are not just plain funny. When you hit the single bar, they will be the best wingman or the woman. They can take the best out on you, making you laugh and smile. And when it comes to not-so-great people at bars, they will tell them off with a sarcastic comment. They are really the best of both worlds.

#6. They never filter themselves.

Sarcastic friends have no filtering or censoring. And that is really good. They will not hold themselves back when it comes to manipulators and narcissists, who do not deserve to be your friends.

#7. They are not afraid of offending you.

They know where all the buttons are. And more importantly, they are not afraid to push them. They are not worried about offending you because they know that it is something you need to hear.

#8. They can shut off the sarcasm when they need to.

They can shut it off whenever they need to. They have a good sense of when and where they should use their sarcasm. For example, if you are going through a great tragedy, they will not be sarcastic about it. No, they know better than that.

So if you have a sarcastic friend, do not let them go. Hold on to them tight.

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