By: Anuradha

Dogs have always been the best friends of humans since the dawn of civilizations. Most of us love to have a little puppy around us as no one ever will look after us and will love us in the same way as our puppy does. He will follow you to everywhere, will be your faithful companion in long walks, will listen to your sorrows when you are sad and simply a dog can be the ideal lover that we all like to a greater extent.

Daily, we hear thousands of lovely stories about various dogs and we see their pictures, but I am sure that you will absolutely fall in love with the little Mr handsome that I am going to show you now.

Wiley is a Dalmatian little puppy and the most special thing about him is the heart-shaped spot at the center of his cute face.

From his very young days, he had grabbed the attention of everyone because of this heart-shaped spot and when he grew up, the mark has become prominent.

His owner, Lexi Smith, even worried that the mark would fade but much to everyone’s delight it didn’t and it has become the first thing that you notice in the little puppy.

It is not only the heart-shaped spot in Wiley that makes him special, but also the puppy has proved that he really has a big heart. He is very friendly and loyal and most of the people instantly fall in love with this little boy because of all these things.

In fact, Wiley has twenty thousand followers on Instagram and he has actually become a star with the love of all these people.

So, follow him on Instagram to see more beautiful and adorable pictures of Wiley, the heart-shaped boy!

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