By. Anuradha

Most of us might not remember the first day of school. For those who do remember, that might not be that pleasant either. You get to mix with a lot of kids that you might not have seen in your entire life! Then, there are people called teachers who will always say no for each and everything that you do. You will not have the comfort of your mom’s arms to cling on to and you will simply be no one among an unknown crowd.

However, some kids enjoy their first day at school too. It all depends on the way kid handle all these things they come across with on that day. So, we thought of sharing some before and after pictures of the first day of some school kids. Scroll down to see all of them and don’t forget to share the pictures of your kids with us!

#1. She seems to have had a great day at school! (Kebab connoisseur)

#2.  The future suddenly bleaks. (cr0gd0r)

#3. Before and after the first day at school. (boobafett13)

#4. First day of school vs the second day of school. (imgur)

#5. Well, she was too tired on the first day. 

#6. Kindergarten is too rough. 

#7. First day of school. 

#8. The first day and the second day at school. 

#9. They are not the same after one day. (Ty-Lacey Boen)

#10. Before and after the first day at school. 

#11. My son’s first day of preschool. (Carole Garcia)

#12. My 7-year-old was not interested in going to school today. (Camillavilla)

#13. The school was a huge success. 

#14. The first day of school is rough. 

#15. Kindergarten comes in with a Tko. 

#16. Before and after the first day of pre-k. 

#17. Before and after the first day of Kindergarten. 

#18. When the weekend finally is there. 

#19. this guy sure wasn’t up for it. (

#20. First day of Pre-k and last day of Pre-k. 

#21. Can’t find an after…she was so excited. 

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