By. Anuradha.

We love to have people who admire and appreciate us. All of us are carrying different weights on our shoulders daily and when somebody takes time to appreciate what we do, it feels good. Because most of the time we are surrounded by people who like to criticize us, who are judgemental and they don’t like to see anything good in other people. 

Consequently, we also lose interest in such people who do not genuinely love us. They never see anything good in the things we do or they don’t like to accept our capabilities and skills and will only try to break your self-esteem and make you feel like you are easily replaceable.  

We lose interest in these kinds of people who don’t genuinely care about us. They will have no concern for your feelings, your dreams, and your issues and they will always say and do things to hurt you. They will think only about themselves and will never bother about your happiness and wellbeing.

They also make us feel like we don’t deserve their attention or effort. They will only call us when they don’t have anyone else to hang out with. They will not enjoy our presence and will always make us feel as if we constantly have to fight to win a place in their heart. We will always be the last in their priority list and you will feel less significant in their presence.

They do not try to treat us with respect. They will always look at you as if you are not important and will never treat your opinions with respect. They will behave as if they are very much superior to you and you will soon lose interest in them.

 You will also lose interest in those that don’t appreciate you in the way you deserve to be appreciated. You know your worth and you have an idea about who you are. So, when you see that your plate is not served in the right way, you will soon lose the interest and you will try to move away from that person who does not appreciate you enough.  We all love ourselves the best and losing interest in someone who does not see your worth is natural and we also think that you are doing the right thing!

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