By. Anuradha

We all have been there where we have dated numerous guys and felt like that one is going to be our soulmate. Sometimes, it might have begun in the most casual way possible. You guys might have met randomly somewhere. That person might have been the mutual friend of one of your besties.

So, he might have talked to your friend and got your mobile number. So, you guys might have talked, went on a few dates and after that, you would probably have ended up loving him. He would have been the perfect guy behaving in the exact way you dreamt and then, it is quite justifiable to end up loving him.

But after sometimes, when the first sparkle of your relationship vanishes away and when things began to get rough, you would have realized that your lover is not the same person that he pretended to be. He will not be the sweet person that you saw initially and he might not even have time for you. this rough patch would end in him breaking up with you and moving away. That is when things begin to get worse for you.

All your dreams and hopes for the future would shatter into pieces leaving you all miserable. You might not be able to imagine a life without him and in your anger and disappointment, you would even go to the extent to go to his place and to yell at him. You would wail for hours over the phone, send him numerous texts and act all dramatic till you feel quite okay.

Even though it is quite natural to behave like this, dear girls, please stop doing this. You don’t deserve a man like that and when you go howling after him, it only makes him feel right about the decision he took. You would look like a crazy woman in his eyes and all your value would be lost immediately. So, no matter how hard and painful it is, just keep things to yourself. be a strong woman, who can face any situation in your life.

Be a woman who doesn’t need to hold to a man who doesn’t want to be held. If he chooses to leave you, then let him go. Don’t beg for him. He is not worthy to have you and all that you have to do is to make up your mind. act strongly and let him regret the decision he took. Show your true worth and that is the best lesson you can ever teach that person!

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