By. Anuradha

The bond between a mom and her child is unique. Every mother has a special place for her kid and will do everything to make the child happy. In the same way, every child also shares a special relationship with his/her mother. No matter how old you are, you will forever be a little kid in your mom’s eyes and your mom won’t ever age in your eyes. So, we thought of talking about the mother-child relationship because we found a very interesting video that shows how deep a child is attached to his mother. 

Now, tell us frankly what sort of a mom will forget giving her kid a goodbye kiss? The question might sound hilarious in your eyes. But, some people take goodbye kisses seriously and the kid in our story also belongs to this category. The video shows a kid from Florida who was so much upset about the fact that his mom forgot to give him a goodbye kiss. He complains to his dad quite seriously about this crime done by mom and dad also tries to maintain quite a serious face about this fact.

After uploading the video on the internet, it went viral within a short time and many people ended up loving this adorable little kid. Some people even tagged their partners mentioning this is how they would be when their partners forget the goodbye kiss!

So, watch the video below to see the full episode of kids adorable complain and don’t forget to let us know what you feel. Maybe you might have experienced the same with your kids and you can share those experiences with us as well!

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