By. Anuradha

She is the one who usually checks up on her friends. She always smiles and brightens up other people’s days. You can see her in a cheerful mood every day and you always wished to have her spirit in your life. But have you ever thought that even she can have many issues in her life and that she can be someone who is bleeding in silence?

She is branded as being the cheerleader of the gang. So, even when you see her with dropped shoulders and a sad face, have you ever stopped to ask her what’s wrong? No one ever questions whether she is alright because everyone assumes that she is happy. Her masked face hides all her secrets and worries and unlike her, no one tries to swim deep into her soul and question her reality. So, deep inside she cries but no one ever notices.

She is someone who needs help. But no one is there for her in order to give the support she needs.

Some people say that they miss her. They remark that she is not online as she used to be and that they don’t see her at parties as usual. They might miss her presence but even then they don’t ask whether she is okay and what is wrong.

There were days when she thought friends were her whole life. She never thought that they would give up on her no matter what. But now that she is alone, she has realized that things are not really what she thought them to be. She is so secluded and no one is there to ask about her. No one cares for her and all that she did for others.

She can be one of us or our friends. When we are strong or when we assume someone else to be strong, we think that a person will always have a comfortable and fancy life. We never think that behind their appearance, some other truth can prevail. We worry too much about the person who always cries but not about the one who smiles every day.

Change this attitude in society. Just as a weak and sad person does, even strong people need help in their lives. They are not gods without anything to worry about. Help them to unveil their reality. Speak to them and be their friend. Perhaps, it could be you who needs help. So, look at the world with an open mind.

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