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Being kind and generous towards someone whom you have no connection with is not easy to do. No matter how rich and powerful you are, if you don’t feel like giving anything you own to someone else then that attitude cannot be changed. However, there are people who naturally feel others’ sorrows and miseries and are willing to help them all the time. Those kinds of people are the examples of humanity. Most of the time those kinds of people don’t do it for fame and this story is about such a beautiful human being that helped many families and especially kids of fallen soldiers.

Gary Sinise is such a person who never hesitates when it comes to helping other people. Sinise is an actor and a musician and you would probably have seen him in movies like Forest Gump, The Green Mile, Of Mice and Men and Apollo 13. Unlike all the other celebrities, Sinise is famous not for his celebrity status but his charity works.

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He created the Gary Sinise’s Foundation to help veterans, defenders, first responders, their families, and communities. They have been working on many projects to serve their needs and one of the programs which the foundation holds is called “Snowball Express”.

The main goal of this program is to honor the fallen US soldiers by taking their children on free trips to Disneyland. Around 1,750 kids were taken to the Orlando theme park for a five-night trip and all these kids had a wonderful time.

Speaking to CBS Los Angeles, Sinise said that “The most important thing about Snowball Express is that these children don’t feel alone. There is a lot of healing and a lot of bonding and a lot of friendship that goes on that helps them through the rest of the year”.

Gary received the Presidential Citizens Medal at the White House on December 10, 2008.

What Sinise is doing is very much important as he is paying attention to a segment of society that we don’t think much. The parents of these kids have engaged in a noble profession and we must pay them back our gratitude.

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